Two Second Vacation Nails

The one thing I don’t want to do on vacation is worry about painting my nails every day. Now don’t get me wrong, I love painting my nails more than the average person. It’s a part of my daily routine and I love contrasting and accenting my outfits with them! But re-doing my nails more than once on vacation is just not my jam.

So, to fix my pre-vacation nail jitters, I got my hands on these Palm Tree Nail Stickers from the Born Pretty Store and tested them out.  Remember to use my code TAGX31 on all regular priced items for 10% off at the Born Pretty Store.


On this trip I opted for an all white manicure with my CND World ‘Cream Puff’, topped off with my favorite topcoat by HK Girl.  I didn’t have much time to do my nails and I needed something that was light and matched all of my outfits, so it was an all white mani to the rescue!

Equipment Used:

IMG_7500goodfinal IMG_7504good

I used tweezers to place the stickers over my existing manicure.  The entire process took 10 seconds. The stickiness was perfect as at first I hadn’t placed the sticker straight and had to lift up an edge of the sticker that had already come in contact with my dry topcoat; when I did this the sticker easily came off and when I placed it straight it had no problems staying adhered, in place and stayed that way.

The stickers don’t bubble but I would recommend the use of a topcoat as always.  Okay I’m going to be pushy, always use a topcoat if you want your manicure to last more than 5 minutes! It really makes a difference in the longevity of your manicure and also, tons of shine which is never a bad thing.  My favorite topcoat is, and has been for as long as I can remember, Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Fast Drying & Super Shiny Clear Top Coat.  Here’s the final product. nail art notd vacation nails palm tree design sticker trendy nailart glasses beauty blogger artist

I would absolutely recommend that you get your hands on some of these nail stickers so you can try our your own tropical vacation manicure on the fly.  I enjoy the designs, they’re easy to apply, they have a great adhesive formula, they don’t bubble and they fit easily in my luggage.

I’ll be reviewing more vacation themed nail art from the Born Pretty Store next week.  The next ones will be more colorful and I’ll be using a different technique to execute some cute nail art.

When planning your next vacation would you want to give these nail stickers a try to mix it up? Let me know in the comments below! Until next week chicks…

Love Always,

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Color Club Neons and Born Pretty Store Sticker Reviews

*Press Sample*

Hello and Happy Wednesday chicks!

I’m feeling the brightness of summer and my nails just had to reflect that.  Today I have some very bright beauties to share with you for review.  I have some lovely Color Club Neon’s that I picked up from a local store last week.  I also have some nail stickers from the born pretty store that I was sent for review.

WARNING: Color Club’s “Foxy Mama” and the green nail stickers from the Born Pretty Store were difficult for me to photograph to their true colors and they have a bold glow to them in person.



Color Club’s “Foxy Mama” is the brightest, boldest neon orange I’ve ever come across.  It’s an absolute one-coater, however I used two coats for this manicure (I can never stop at one coat).  It’s a thick cream that goes on like a dream and is very forgiving to those that aren’t so great at application.  It has a gold shimmer to it which makes it both glow AND shimmer…. *drool* …

Color Club’s “Ultra Violet” is true to it’s name.  It’s a bold magenta purple with a gorgeous complimentary shimmer (that appears slightly blue in certain light).  Just like it’s partner, it’s an easy one-coater which is hard to find.  It’s also forgiving in application which it makes a great summer color when you’re on the go….. as well as any other time!



The stickers I’m using were sent to me by the Born Pretty Store for review.  You can purchase these geometric neon stickers HERE.

You can always use my code TAGX31 to save 10% on regular priced items at the Born Pretty Store.


These stickers are a great way to achieve a quick, professional looking summer manicure…. and they’re super cute.  I would recommend that you use fine tip tweezers to apply them to your nail as I folded some edges over when I used my fingernails to pick them up.  I love that there’s triangles of different sizes and colors so you can use them on a lot of different manicures as just an accent nail or on each and every finger.   The stickers stay flat on your nail when you apply them correctly and there’s no bleeding of color when you apply a topcoat.

Overall, I give these stickers 5 out of 5!

Equipment Used:

Hope you guys enjoyed this bright post as much as I did!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I’ll be reviewing one more product from the Born Pretty Store this week so stay tuned for a simple, multi functional and clean manicure that’s perfect for both work and play.

Kristin ❤



Born Pretty Stamping Plate QA82 Review

Hi guys!  Today I’ll be doing my first official review of a stamping plate… so exciting!  The Born Pretty Store stamping plate QA82 that I’m reviewing can be found HERE for purchase.  You can use my code TAGX31 to get 10% off!

I initially wanted to review this plate because of the cute heart patterns (both large and small) however once I sat down to do it, the tropical flower design called my name!

Stamping Plate Q283

I found the plate’s etching to be deep enough to get nearly-solid stamping images.  There are many different stampers you can use varying in both materials used and shape.  I recommend using a squishy surfaced stamper as they allow me to produce crisp images that cover my entire nail with no missing areas.  These can be hard to find as I’ve ordered a few from the same place and only one of them was super squishy and awesome.  My other recommendation for a stamper would be that it’s rectangular shaped.  I say this only because it allows me to line up my image more accurately than if I used a round stamper.

Below is a macro shot of my middle nail.  You can see that this particular stamping image will work well for reverse stamping as there is negative space in both the flower and the vines. IMG_9654


I used OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ for my base, Julep ‘Waleska’, ‘India’ & ‘Dahlia’ to make my gradient, and HK Girl Top Coat to finish it all off!

I’ll continue to test out the other images in the next week so stay tuned to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

❤ KristinIMG_9655

Bright Neon Mixed Stamping

Happy Tuesday! Check out the bright nails I got to do on my girl Cindy! I used one of my faves, OPI “My Boyfriend Scales Walls” as a base, then to stamp China Glaze “Sun Worshipper” and “Petal To The Metal” on my MoYou Pro Collection 18 plate! I really enjoy the look of bright colors over white/off-white bases….this will never get old to me.

Bright Neon

It took some practice to get my stamping technique down so don’t be discouraged if you’re just starting out and can’t quite get the hang of it yet.  There are many factors that come into a good stamping results, such as stamping plate image depth, the ‘perfect’ stamper pad (super squishy rectangle which I have only found one of in my entire life despite years of searching!), the ‘perfect’ scraper (in my opinion a plastic one otherwise you scrape up all your pretty plates), the ‘perfect’ stamping polish (I use black and white Konad Stamping Polish as well as various other thicker polishes), and the right hand pressure and stamping angle.


ring middle

Finally, I found a macro lens for my iPhone online for less than $5 online! Basically…..I’m obsessed. It’ll take some more practice to perfect the pictures, but I’m amazed at the results so far! Lately, the sunshine cheer’s me up so I’m feeling lots more bright mani’s coming! Gotta get back to creating some fun stuff on my own nails now. Thanks so much for reading!

❤ Kristin




Abstract Gradient Beach Nails

I’ve realized that my urges to have gradient nails while on vacation will not go away…. so I’ve embraced them! My boyfriend actually suggested that I bring more polish on our last vacation so I wasn’t going to pass up that offer!  I ended up hauling 12 bottles with me but only ended up using 8 of them (including top coat, base coat, and solar oil).  My picks are below…

On the BeachChina Glaze Top Picks

China Glaze “Sun Worshipper”

China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”

China Glaze “At Vase Value”

China Glaze “Grass is Lime Greener”

OPI “Alpine Snow”

OPI Nail Envy “Sensitive & Peeling” used as base coat

HK Glisten & Glow Top Coat

CND Solar Oil


I ended up keeping ‘Sun Worshipper’ on my toes for my entire trip!  And I received endless comments from fellow travelers about how wonderfully bright they are! When I initially painted them I forgot my white base coat and had to start over.  When I began nail art I never knew how important a white base was.  I know better now!

On my hands I initially wore a gradient of OPI’s “Alpine Snow”, China Glaze “Grass is Lime Greener”, and China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”.  I really loved it but then noticed that it looked like fruity Halloween candy or a weird watermelon, so on day 5 I changed it up to what I like to call “Abstract Gradient Beach Nails”, pictured above, using OPI’s “Alpine Snow” as a base and sponged on China Glaze “Grass is Lime Greener” and “At Vase Value” with my Sephora sponges.

I attached some lovely water decals from the Born Pretty Store as seen above.  You can use my code TAGX31 for 10% these gorgeous decals here.

And last but not least, a basic white always does the trick…. just saying…


❤ Kristin

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Let’s take this “At Vase Value”


photo (22)Anyone who knows me cannot deny the fact that I have always had an obsession with bright teal.  From my graduation dress to the accent wall in my first home, I can always find a way to sneak some teal into the room.  The discovery of China Glaze “At Vase Value” has been a glorious moment in my life, to say the least.  In truth, I’m pretty obsessed with the City Flourish collection and will likely end up purchasing most of it…. eventually.

I’ve created numerous manicures from this gorgeous light sky blue polish (that obviously looks teal enough for me to love).  It’s a gorgeous cream which takes two coats for even coverage.  It’s so bright that it’ll catch the eye of anyone nearby! I’ve also used it in nail art and will continue to do so as it POPS over any light color.  I wanted to share my love of this polish, how well it goes on, and how much I recommend you buy it.  I’ll be posting more of my new mani’s in the upcoming days so keep an eye out!


❤ Kristin

Easter Nails

The Citrus that started it all.

20140314-093809.jpg I’ll have to start off by saying that these Citrus Nails are, by far, my favorite stamping design by Bundle Monster yet! The citrus design makes me feel fresh and, to say it simply, alive! Having such bright colors on a white background makes these babies POP! I used China Glaze “White on White” as the base (which is my current go-to white), OPI’s “Yellowpalooza” and “The Drummer is Hot” as stamping polishes, and my Bundle Monster stamping plate (BM 308). I painted stripes of color over the stamp to create the ‘line’ effect.  I hope you like them too!





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